This guide will help you manage the showing process and sell quicker.

How to Survive the Showing Process


Plan to Vacate For Each Showing

The National Association of Realtors reported that the seller being home during the showing is the number one cause of a long market time, even if the sellers stay outside or in one room. I agree.

There’s nothing more distracting to a buyer than having the homeowner on the premises. It is uncomfortable and buyers feel like they need to hurry. When the buyer is uncomfortable, they can’t connect with your home. If there’s no connection, there’s certainly no offer. Find a coffee shop or park to wait it out. Hopefully, you’ll have a short market time and won’t be inconvenienced any more than necessary.


Be Flexible With Showing Times

Many buyers look at properties in the evening and on the weekends. However, I think 8 pm should be the last appointment time. I don’t want to be out any later than that either. By the way, the average length of time for a showing is 10-15 minutes. If the buyer is looking longer than that, that is a buying signal, too.


Remove Evidence of Pets

We’re total dog people, but not everyone will love your pets as much as you do. Sometimes boarding them or taking them with you isn’t possible, but we can help you manage showings around them through our scheduling software.

I apologize in advance, but it needs to be said…please change the kitty litter and scoop the poop. It’s embarrassing to insist buyers remove their shoes while inside only to have them pirouetting through doggy landmines in the seller’s backyard. Veterinary science has proven that cats and dogs poop every day; annoying, I know.


Things Might Happen

As much as we try to prevent them, there will be some aggravations. Buyers will knock on your door without an agent, agents won’t be timely, they will forget to leave a card, and leaving your lights on happens so often, I wrote about it here in “Why agents leave your lights on.

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