The sole purpose of online marketing is to make Buyers want to rush to see it in person. You won’t get an offer unless you first win a personal viewing.



Professional, quality photography is a must. Since your first showing is most always online, the photos are the foundation of marketing. If the photos aren’t flattering to your home, Buyers will move on to the next house and be lost to you forever. There’s nothing worse than an iPhone photo of the bathroom with the agent in the mirror. Or a photo of a walk-in closet crammed with clothing. These do nothing to help a buyer fall in love with your house. Every single photo should offer different information and flatter the property. More photos are not necessarily better. You can lose potential buyers with bad photography.

Lifestyle Marketing

Writing matters. The written descriptions of your home should compliment the professional photography. The text should tell a story, evoke feeling and describe the lifestyle the home offers, not list the number of bedrooms and square footage. The Buyer already has that information.

The description should deliver the “why” the buyer wants to live there. The purpose of great photography and writing is to draw a Buyer in; to let them experience what it’s like to live there and then request a personal showing.


For Sale Signs

There are still Buyers who like to cruise their target neighborhoods in search of their perfect house, so a For Sale sign on the lawn is always recommended. I’m constantly amazed at the shabby condition of some For-Sale signs. They should be beautiful; it’s part of the impression.

Open Houses

Truthfully, with fabulous photography and virtual tours online, attendance has fallen off on Open Houses. Very few homes sell from an open house in our market.

Serious buyers want a private viewing. We are still happy to do them for our sellers if requested. Open Houses are a good source of business for real estate agents.


Online Marketing

With more than 90% of Buyers starting their search on the web, being found online is critical. There’s a lot more work in creating an online presence for your home than our MLS and posting on Zillow.

Your agent must be creative, tech savvy and know how to use the internet to your advantage. For example, when interviewing agents, ask about their experience using Facebook Targeted ads and Custom Audiences. These are expensive, though effective marketing tools for us, yet many agents do not know they exist.

Too much of the real estate marketing we see is stuck in the 90’s. There’s a difficult learning curve to effective Internet marketing. But, our success is evidence it is well worth it.


Email Marketing/Colleagues/Social Media

Top real estate agents promote their listings to other agents. We consider agents our customers, too. Our colleagues in all companies have a network of potential Buyers they can reach via the multi-list, email, Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

Don’t forget, you can help with the sale of your house by sharing the link to your listing on your social media sites, too! Social media has become so effective for us that we have a dedicated marketing specialist who expertly handles this for our clients’ listings.


Identify Your Ideal Buyer

Who are they? A first-time buyer, a down-sizer, an international investor, a recent divorcee, a single professional, a newly married couple, a transferee or a young couple starting a family?

Smart real estate agents will go to great lengths to identify your ideal Buyer and create a marketing campaign specifically to reach them. You would be amazed at how strategic a good agent can be in reaching your target Buyer if they know what they’re doing.

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