Paying attention to the little details can save you hundreds of dollars.

The timing of the following depends on the terms of possession you agreed to in your purchase agreement, so consult with your agent.

  • Inform your Homeowner’s Association that you are moving and give them the new buyer’s names.
  • Call your mortgage company and ask them when you can expect a refund of the money remaining in your escrow account, and make sure they have your correct forwarding address.
  • Call your homeowner’s insurance company to determine when it is appropriate to cancel your insurance. Make sure your contents are covered until you are in your new place.
  • Coordinate the utility accounts to be transferred into the new Buyers name. Do not disconnect them. Disconnecting utilities may result in paying reconnect fees.

City Water

Unpaid city water bills will result in a lien on the property so if you have city water, you need to handle this carefully.

You will need to order a final water meter reading to occur the day you vacate. If your meter is read on the inside, make sure you make an appointment with the water department in advance so you will be at the home to let them in.

Additionally, take a picture of the meter reading on moving day and save it; this has come in handy more than once in determining an accurate final water bill.


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