Plug these and other pertinent dates into your Calendar App, set 3-5 day alerts, and sleep well, my friends.

  1. DATE – Final acceptance of the offer (not the date your offer was written)
  2. DEADLINE – Buyer’s Earnest Money Deposit is due
  3. DEADLINE – Inspection contingency expiration
  4. DEADLINE – Buyer must make formal mortgage application
  5. DATE – Commitment for Title Insurance is to be delivered by the seller to buyer
  6. DEADLINE – A firm commitment of buyers mortgage (approval) is due
  7. DATE – Projected Closing Date
  8. DATE – Buyer’s final walkthrough
  9. DATE – Keys are surrendered to the buyer
  10. Utilities are transferred into the Buyer’s name

**Please note that the dates and deadlines above pertain to the laws and customs here in Metro Detroit, Michigan; they may vary in your location.**

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