With all the parties involved, dates and deadlines are the most difficult things to coordinate in your home purchase, yet the most common cause of stress.

Plug these and other pertinent dates into your Calendar App, set 3-5 day alerts, and sleep well, my friends.


  1. DATE – Final acceptance of the offer (not the date your offer was written)
  2. DEADLINE – Buyer’s Earnest Money Deposit is due
  3. DEADLINE – Inspection contingency expiration
  4. DEADLINE – Buyer must make formal mortgage application
  5. DATE – Commitment for Title Insurance is to be delivered by the seller to buyer
  6. DEADLINE – A firm commitment of buyers mortgage (approval) is due
  7. DATE – Projected Closing Date
  8. DATE – Buyer’s final walkthrough
  9. DATE – Keys are surrendered to the buyer
  10. Utilities are transferred into the Buyer’s name

**Please note that the dates and deadlines above pertain to the laws and customs here in Metro Detroit, Michigan; they may vary in your location.**


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