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What We Love

Downtown – Downtown Clawson is perfect for a small-town feel with big-city amenities. 

Restaurants – Some of the best Oakland restaurants are found in Downtown Clawson.

The Vibe – A friendly, small-town atmosphere where all amenities are within walking distance.

The Outdoors – There are 14 parks that offer a variety of activities and also special areas just for pets. 

What We Don't Love

Roads –  Some roads in the city aren’t in the best shape, especially along the edges near the major cities and also the parks. 

Traffic – Clawson can get congested due to it’s proximity to Royal Oak, Ferndale, and Southfield. Be aware that traffic can be a little long!


Prior to being settled, the area was once a part of the Potowatomi people of Michigan. Clawson was incorporated as a city in 1940 and is approximately 2.2 square miles. Its name is actually a misspelling of a European settler named John Lawson.

Real Estate

The median price of a Clawson home is $166,200. The market is very competitive and multiple offer situations aren’t uncommon for this area.


The downtown area is full of local restaurants and small boutiques. Art murals and photography opportunities are plentiful, especially by the DIA partnered “Clawson” mural found on the side of the Clawson Grill!

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Most of the entertainment is local-driven and community-based. However, Clawson is very close to Royal Oak and Ferndale if you are looking for a night on the town. Detroit is also very close to all the major sporting areas and city bustle.


The majority of Clawson’s gastronomic atmosphere is local, family-owned restaurants that are staples to the community. Try Noble Fish, Renshaw Lounge, or the Old Detroit Burger Bar.


The average commute is 21.8 minutes which is faster than the national average of 26.1 minutes.

Economic Report

The unemployment rate is 4.1% and the growth is 0.3%. The future growth does look very positive at 38% in the coming years.

Outdoor Recreation

There are so many beautiful parks to enjoy in Clawson. There are several nature centers and popular trails for hiking. Not to mention, they have special areas just for dogs!


The entire city is confined with the boundaries of Clawson Public schools. It is a small district and may merge with another neighboring school district in the very near future.

To learn more about Clawson schools: 

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