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What We Love


Birmingham has a vibrant downtown with boutiques, unique shops and plenty of dining.


Many restaurants to choose from. Lots of outdoors seating. Restaurants have diverse ethnic foods and many that cater to whole, healthy food.

The Farmers Market

Great selection of food, produce and art.

The Vibe

It is upscale and walkable and offers many coffee shops, boutiques, pubs and bars with live music.

What We Don't Love


Finding a place to park is sometimes challenging, though there are a few parking garages that offer free parking for the first hour. Parking is metered.


It’s crowded during weekends and rush hour like any downtown. Use pedestrian common sense.


The city of Birmingham has been recognized over and over as a great place to live – voted one of the top 25 safest communities ( 2013), 5th most successful walkable communities in the US (Wall Street Journal 2010), and top 20 best places for a healthy retirement (CNN Money 2009). It feels like a small town, while providing all the amenities of a booming city.

While Birmingham was originally settled in the 1800s as a small farming community, it was quickly changed into a manufacturing-based local economy. It was named by it’s optimistic founders in honor of England’s biggest industrial center, and that kind of forward thinking has allowed the history of the city to be seamlessly incorporated into the more modern buildings and businesses.

Real Estate

Birmingham remains a very popular location and has experienced steady growth over the past several years. The homes are typically older in age, offering plaster walls, hardwood floors and lots of charm and character. You won’t find many run-down areas, it is a beautiful city.

The median home price is $353,300, higher than the national average, but with a higher price tag comes more upscale amenities.


Birmingham’s downtown is a thriving area of retail shops and restaurants, and has been a booming destination since the 1830s. Modern retail and entertainment developments meld with historic buildings, creating a pedestrian-friendly downtown that has over 300 retail and service businesses.

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Birmingham offers plenty of varied entertainment including art galleries, breweries, comedy clubs, dance studios, movie theatres, and more. A destination for great shopping, Birmingham boasts not only big name stores, but also plenty of local boutique shops, resale and consignment shops, specialty grocery stores, and antique shops.


Serious foodies love Birmingham for the variety of restaurants. There are over 90 restaurants within five miles of the downtown area, all diverse fare including French, Belgian, Greek, Japanese, Mexican, Mediterranean, Italian, and Thai.

From upscale restaurants like Rugby Grille and Big Rock Chop House, to greasy spoon diners like Greek Islands Coney and Shish Kabob Xpress, there’s something for every taste bud and every wallet size.


Birmingham is located on historic Woodward Avenue, with easy access to freeways and just a short drive to Downtown Detroit. Average commute time to work is just 22 minutes, shorter than the national average of 25 minutes.

Economic Report

Median household income is nearly $102,000, and median family income is nearly $128,000. More economic and census information for Birmingham can be found here.

Outdoor Recreation

Birmingham is proud to boast 22 parks with over 230 acres covering 10% of the city’s total acreage. The parks are usually set in the midst of individual neighborhoods. You can find space for peaceful contemplation, walking paths, playscapes for kids, soccer and baseball fields.

The City of Birmingham received the Promoting Active Communities Award from the Michigan Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness, Health and Sports in 2007 (Bronze Level), 2008 (Gold Level), 2009 (Gold Level), and 2010 (Gold Level – one of only six in the State).


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