Go Team!

For us, that means you, too! At The Integrity Team, it’s all about how we work together to achieve your goals. We’re all in this together–a TEAM–and you’re the quarterback. Your dreams, your goals, and your desires are what drive us down the field; we won’t rest ‘til you’re 100% satisfied. That’s our end zone, our goal, our objective*.

*exuberant post-score celebration dances are optional, but come at no charge!


For us, there’s nothing more important than providing world-class service. It’s why we love what we do; it’s our raison d’etre. And you’ll get our best–all day, every day–delivered with heart, passion, and, of course, integrity. We know this business isn’t about us; it’s about YOU! Your goals are our goals, and we’ll do all we can to help you achieve them. This is something on which we don’t skimp and don’t compromise. With us, there’s only one way to do business (and to do LIFE): no bull, no broken promises.


Value means more than just saving money. We don’t cut costs by cutting corners. The Integrity Team will give you value. You’ll actually get something from our specialized knowledge of the Metro Detroit real estate market: You’ll get peace of mind. You’ll get confidence. You’ll get a real education on the real estate market. You’ll get advice and strong opinions. You’ll get the very best service from a team who is dedicated to you and not to its wallet.

And value goes even further! We provide value to our community by supporting charities like  Angels of Hope, Hands of Hope, a local children’s charity through Grace Centers of Hope, and, (End Sex Trafficking for Her) an organization that rescues young girls from sex trafficking and offers them safe harbor and an education.


In this life, there are few things more valuable than trust; next to love, it’s our most precious commodity. For The Integrity Team, earning yours is our greatest goal and most prized accomplishment.

It’s how we do life. Trust means that we’re with you through closing and beyond. We’re your allies, and hope to be your friends. No matter when you need us, no matter for what, you can trust that we’re here for you … for life.


We know our stuff. If there’s someone who knows it better, we’ve not met them. We take pride in our knowledge of Oakland & Macomb Counties and want to put that expertise to work for you.


Moving out of state? We can help you there, too. We have a resource list of top shelf agents in every state, and every one of them will treat you the way we would (we wouldn’t do business with anyone else!) If you need a reference, we’ve got it. We’ll even pre-screen them for you.


Don’t be afraid to call. We are not selly-sell people here. Buying and selling real estate is stressful and high-pressure enough without having to deal with pushy sales-people. We’ll give you our honest opinions. Give us a call at 248-850-1855.

The Integrity Team