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It’s that time friends! The snow has melted and spring is officially here.

We love our pets but let’s face it: winter leaves behind a nasty poop-soup, and it’s time to go. We agree that it’s a good idea that people should remove their shoes before entering your home, but we don’t think the fear of tracking poop inside should be the reason. There’s nothing worse than showing a great house and having to tip-toe around pooch piles in the back yard while trying to sell the littles playing baseball in the same green space.

Everyone is busy, I have two dogs, myself. If you don’t have time to maintain the pooch poop, a maintenance service is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your family. Plus, that barbecue will taste so much better with a clean yard!

By the way, if you’re thinking of selling, we are offering FREE poop-scoop service with every listing through the end of May, because, well, we know it’s a crappy job.

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