Rochester and Beyond: SP-LP September 2016 & 2017

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Last week we focused on the average sold prices for September 2016-2017 and this week we turn our attention to Rochester and Beyond: number of solds for September 2016 and 2017.  The deeper we focus on each community’s real estate market numbers then the more we know about those specific locales. Real estate is a numbers game and it is very micro-focused.

Let’s get started!!


Rochester and Beyond: Number of Solds for September 2016 and 2017

Using the above visual and the numbers taken from the mls let’s start.

Rochester and Beyond: Communities With The Top Number of Solds for 2016.

#1. Royal Oak had 118 solds.

#2. Troy had 95 solds.

#3. Shelby Twp had 7o solds.

Rochester and Beyond: Communities With The Top Number of Solds for 2017.

#1. Royal Oak had 104 solds.

#2. Troy had 75 solds.

#3. Shelby Twp had 66 solds.

These were the communities that saw the greatest number of solds. If you now view them individually you will notice a trend that took place which is the top 3 sold less in 2017. I can speak to the reasons why I believe this happened, but it is something I would prefer to do in a personal conversation with you. There’s a lot to cover.

Royal Oak saw an 11.86 percent decrease in the number of solds for 2017. Troy saw a decrease of 20.05 percent in 2017. Then there was Shelby Twp which saw a decrease of 5.72 percent in the number of solds for 2017.

Let’s review last week’s Average Sold Prices to see if there is a crossover here. I do see an interesting trend in the Average Sold Prices for each of these communities. Let’s start with Troy which saw an increase of $43,391 in 2017. Royal Oak’s increase was 2nd largest and was $36,448 in 2017. Let’s look at Shelby Twp. Shelby Twp saw an increase in Average Sales Price for 2017 of $23,123. So all the communities which saw a decrease in the number of solds saw an increase in the average sales price. Interesting, huh? Contact me so we can look further into this together.

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